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16 Ways to Make Prayer More Meaningful

1. Praying out loud can help with a wandering mind. 2. Tell yourself you’re talking to God, instead of “praying.” My kids (& mine), prayers seem to have WAY more thought behind them cuz I guess switching my phrasing, switches our brain? 3. Picture Him standing front.of you. 4. He is not a butler, we are not making a food order & leaving, it’s a conversation. 5. BE HONEST! Vent. Tell Him e v e r y t h i n g; when things don’t make sense, what & why things are hard, etc. I’m most productive w/ life & moving fwd when I’m specific, completely transparent w/ my doubts/questions/concerns/trials. 6. When we don’t know what to ask for, ASK HIM FOR HELP. I address Him, then say, “please help me with this prayer.” SO FAR, it’s been 100% of the time I do it, I then find myself asking/saying new things I never thought of until then. 7. Hop in the car or shower. When I don’t feel rushed & I “ramble” to God, I’m more honest, I take more time to think & listen, AND I talk to Him like an actual person & He becomes more real to me. 8. It doesn’t have to be RIGHT as you’re hopping in bed to “count” as your “night time prayer.” I gotta to do mine a little earlier so I’m more conscious for it. 9. When you ARE too tired, still talk. Saying, ‘Hi, I love you, let’s talk tomorrow,” keeps you in the habit & shows you’re thinking of Him. 10. Sometimes I tell Him jokes. Idk what to say about that haha, but I think He likes it & it makes Him feel more real, b/c He is. 11. Listen for a third of the time you took to pray. And in general, pay attention to your re-occurring thoughts, that’s usually how the spirit speaks to me. 12. Reword repetition. I will never say ‘nourish & strengthen,’ b/c I just don’t talk like that. I’ll ask for it will be good to my body, give my body what it needs, that it won’t make me sick,(especially if I cooked it), or that I won’t overeat lolololol 13. When I am going in circles waiting for a yes/no answer, I just pick. God doesn’t always tell me what’s right. BUT He does ALWAYS tell us what’s wrong, pay attn to feeling “off” when moving fwd. 14. You are ALWAYS worthy to talk to God. 15. He will NEVER look at you like a waste of time. 16. He ALWAYS wants to hear from you b/c you are His. xoxAL

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