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Remembering Your WHY — [video]

Fall of last year, I came together with Stiry videos (“stories that stir’), and rambled on camera for about 2 hours about any & everything. Loved the message they pulled out of all my rambling to make this video because I think it’s totally important for everyone to remember our WHY and let that always be our drive. the ‘why’ of how we got started in the first place with something we love, and our ‘why’ we’re even here on earth to begin with. Once we realize negative comments, opinions, or views (from others or yourself), absolutely do not change who we really are and who God sees us as, and what He wants us to be doing, that is when real power comes!

When we decide to look for the good and get our validation from the spirit and from God, then, like in the video, “nothing else matters,” and you really can accomplish the incredible. Just as you are.

Nothing can change the fact that our perfect creator, created you perfectly, and that is what matters.

Embrace you.

Because you are always good enough.

Laugh a lot & follow God—

xox AL

The mission behind Stiry videos is to find and share amazing stories that every one has ‘cuz sharing our stories is really important. Basically, their site is filled with the type of videos you want to watch all day long and share with everyone on Facebook. Take time to browse their page!

Their mantra, “Share the Good” are available on shirts that help support their mission to creating & sharing content about the good people do in the world. Click here for more info.

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