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the Box Around God

I realized what I knew about God was LIMITING me. I realized I had subconsciously put this box around Him & what He was capable of doing & how things were “supposed” to be, that I was accidentally dismissing myself from experiencing & recognizing everything else. Like, if He has come to me or answered me in certain ways, I’d unintentionally assume those are the only ways. “I know how to get answers to my prayers & they come in this box because every answer He’s given me so far has come this way.” So when we don’t notice it, or Him, in “that” way, wonder & doubt lead us to thinking He is not there. BUT WHAT IF

He is not absent, not silent. And He is answering us outside of this box of expectation, this box of how & when,this box of limitation, that we ignorantly put there to begin with, and it just goes over our heads! WHT IF

He’s trying to show us what else! AND that Him and the spirit are, in fact, showing us They are there & they absolutely are answering & trying to guide & teach & bring us to better things in different ways. I’m realizing that the times I am wondering where is He & why is He so silent,are in vain. Because when I try to take away limits of how & when, absolutely I am learning & noticing those different ways. I KNOW THAT GOD IS REAL & HE IS MINE & His entire existence is to bring us to better things—-So when I don’t see him, feel Him, hear him, I change my perspective, there is ALWAYS another way to look at things! Instead of defaulting to wondering, complaining & doubting,I am learning to look for different ways, new ways, new adjectives–to learn more about my limitless God Who never leaves us & never takes a breaks & never plays favorites. So whatever it is that we are going through now, what if we ask ourselves: Have we got it all backward? What if there’s another way to look at all this? Am I improperly placing blame? Am I limiting my God? What kind of life could we be living if we stopped keeping God at arm’s length? What if we remove this box? What could our life look like if we trusted Him completely? If we see our seasons through? What if God has something else in mind? What if He knows something we don’t?

Something greater?


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