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I DID IT! I Finally Started a Vlog!

there's several reason why I didn't start one yet, but regardless of how I feel about vlogging, it IS a reoccurring thought. And I have learned way too many times to listen to my reoccurring thoughts, because that's usually how the spirit speaks to me and exciting things can happen!

VLOG: video blog. A behind the scenes look of my week by week personal life.

I will not be uploading natively to FaceBook, so be sure to subscribe to my YouTube to catch these videos and follow along our family's journey! Each video ends with a montage and a weekly spiritual thought. New videos every Monday!


And got great news from the Drs.

and Ben dances in a dress

and I went to the temple

and missed deadlines

and I RUINED Ben's haircut ;)

weekly spiritual thought compete with a montage.

wk 1:

wk 2:

As always, sending love and prayers your way!

xox AL

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