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CONGRATULATIONS to another medal for My Dear Little One!

I'm thinking of me way back on December 31th, 2022. I posted a picture of me with my fingers crossed next to my mailbox as I submitted my book to a few really well-recognized book awards, (most of which won't be announced yet, fingers still crossed!). I didn't know what would come for shootin' so high, but I reminded myself my personal definition of failure:

Failure to me, isn't getting an unwanted outcome— failure to me, is not trying.

What a beautiful chance always worth taking to step yourself into a space of possibility! Otherwise, it never could be. Standing stuck and— you, yourself—choosing to decline any chances at all. The easiest, no brainer, is taking any and all chances, because not only does it mean I did something at all, which is worth celebrating, but it also puts yourself in a space and position for God to work within.

I'm grateful I fought back to my publisher's when they originally turned down my idea to write a children's book, and that I'd better just stick with how things have been done. And I'm grateful for acting on a simple, reoccurring idea for my daughter's birthday, to even write this at all. And I am most definitely grateful, for December 2022 me, and bringing myself into a space of possibilities, or else none of this would be!

See ya in November, MIAMI! For an exciting and humbling awards banquet, to receive an award that JIM CARREY won a few years back😱!

And if you didn't know, you can FULLY CUSTOMIZE My Dear Little One, create your own character to look and match recipient, and even add your childs NAME into & throughout the book!

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