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Love Everyone -YOU ARE NOT A BAD PERSON! [4k vid]

I had a blog post go viral last year so we turned it into a video!

I don’t care if you’re covered in tattoos, I don’t care what age or race or gender you are, I don’t care if you grew up and stayed in the church, if you grew up and left the church, or if you never heard of the church until now—

EVERYONE is welcome and invited to partake of forgiveness. EVERY SINGLE PERSON is welcome and invited to partake of salvation. Of change. Of REAL happiness. Of the indescribable feeling of Christ’s love. Of His atonement. Of His chance at a better life.

Full transcript:

HUGE THANK YOU TO GARYDEE FILMS! AMAZZZINNNNGGG videography. Check out his stuff, for sure. Also-he's totally the one that baptized me, but that's besides the point ;)

And don't forget to subscribe to me on YouTube, I release videos EVERY MONDAY!

Sending love & prayers your way—

xox AL

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