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30 Things to Think During the Unexpected & Unwanted

1. Am I allowing God to be God? See your seasons through. 2. We are worthy & deserving of EVERYTHING vibrant & blossoming simply b/c we are HIS. 3. Everlasting struggle just isn’t in God’s cards for us. 4. Embrace the unexpected, the unexpected is God intervening. 5. Every passing second is a chance to turn it all around . 6. Sometimes it not working out, IS it working out. 7. The spirit *IS* God. It’s how He communicates, it’s His language & tool He uses to for us to feel Him & show us He IS there. 8. God’s entire existence is to bring us to the better things, EVEN IF, on our way to them it is down a path that is unexpected, unwanted, or longer than anticipated8. Promised blessings do not dim with passing time. 9. Is my narrow vision limiting a limitless God? 10. There is always* another way to look at things, what could they be? 11. Is He giving me what I’m asking for & it’s packaged differently? 12. Am I being productive or destructive? 13. What if we got it all backward? What if every step is the miracle? 14. We find what we look for. Look for the good, opportunities, light. It is always there b/c God is always there. 15. God is good even when our situation is not b/c He knows something we don’t. Something greater. 16. My favorite things are a *direct result from things *not* going how I want or prayed. 17.We may not know they what or the why, but we do know the Who. 18. He does not abandon, neglect, close his eyes, sleep, or play favorites. 19. This is not all. All is not lost. There is SO much more to come. 20. Through it all, He becomes more real. Could you trade that? 21. We may be in a hard season right now, BUT seasons don’t last forever. BUT each season does bring blossoms. 22. He is an unchanging God: He has helped me before, will help me again, will always be a God of mercy, forgiveness, comfort, guidance, love & THAT WILL NOT CHANGE. 23. Never let a change of course take away from the unchangeable truth that God is taking care of you. 24. Satan that keeps me standing STILL, what does my next step look like, even if it is little? 25. When it’s out of our hands, it’s in His. 26. Good CANNOT exist without God. Any good FEELINGS at ALL is Him showing He IS there. I laughed. And smiled. That is good. That could NOT happen/exist if God did not exist. Feelings of comfort, hope, forgiveness, a thought that all is not lost, we have more chances, those are all GOOD. That can only come from God. That IS us feeling & experiencing God. 27. Christ sleeping on the boat was not b/c He was not mindful or didn’t care, He just knew all WOULD be well regardless of the storm. 28. Satan may have power to bruise. But bruises heal. We have the literal power to crush. 29. The sun always rises. 30. You are always God’s. xoxAL

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