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5 Tips for Using the Gospel Library App – [video]

I teamed up with the designer of the Gospel Library App for 5 tips you’ll want to know that will increase your study experience!

Here are the times when each tip starts if you wanted to jump around out of order:

1. Settings 0:22 – Changing app color & text size. 2. Toolbar 1:17 – Select, highlight styles, delete, define, search, tags. 3. Bookmarks 4:24 – Creating, naming, changing, deleting, multiple. 4. Sidebar 5:36 – Tapping links & footnotes without changing screens, knowing what’s ‘tapable’. 5. Search 7:36 – The easiest way to find scriptures without going back & back & back to ‘books’ & lose your spot.

CONTEST: Share this video using #GospelLibrary with your idea for the app’s new theme color for a chance for yours to be picked!

Any app questions, send to:, although feedback or problems are *best when reported through the app itself.

xox AL 🙂

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