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A PLOT TWIST to Our Souls

OK…let’s talk about it. Al—what the heck ya doin? All these stories of you at the gym & whatever. You tryin to look a certain way? Or lose weight? Here’s a plot twist that ROCKED MY WORLD figuring out for myself:

I’ve wrote about it a bunch on here, but I’ve been in such a slump. Like an all-around, all effecting slump. Despite my efforts, I just didn’t feel like my self- or my best self-or whatever, Maybe like a slow moving version of myself where it was hard to receive revelation & get things done.

ANYWAYS – here’s what I learned in profound ways: Physical changes bring spiritual changes.

This past month has been a PRODUCTIVE THRILL! LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT ALL THE REVELATION & IDEAS I’VE HAD!!! I’m like, on spiritual fire right now! And the energy I have, WOOOO! And my brain is clear and impressing me! The only thing that’s changed was being active & changing baaaad food habits I had.

Because now that I’ve gained better control over my body, I truly feel like my soul is like, “THANK YOU, this is what I needed, I need this in order to work properly.” haha. Physical changes is what it took to see my spirit, like, THRIVE Because I’m finally taking care of what it lives in.

Maybe this is common sense and sounds simple to you, But this has been ground breaking to see in myself first hand in BIG ways, that it’s all so intertwined, all of it— physical, spiritual, all of it. But man, I feel good. I’m me. A freaking awesome version of me I’m really liking.

I don’t know why I feel so vulnerable writing this because I always share everything with you guys— but maybe you’re someone who needed a push, like I did. My push came from Beyonce singing, “if I lose myself, I lose it all.” Hahah And maybe you need to reach out to someone else for help, because I did. (the best thing I could have done for myself was realize I couldn’t do it by myself). And maybe your avenue is not the gym, like I chose, But what if it’s not weight or shape- what if gaining control over what was so important to come to earth to receive Is what unlocks a version of yourself God intended all along?

“God created it. Jesus died for it. The spirit lives in it. I’d better take care of it.” -Rick Warren


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