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a very single Al

A very single Al, this pictures. And I honestly believed at this point in my life I would never get married. Guys just like…didn’t ask me out. Apparently as a member, being covered in tattoos was a big hang up for *their vision LOLOLOLOLOL. Or maybe a guy would like the idea of me but couldn’t get over the fact that I “had a past,” or that I didn’t have my family in the faith. Or that I was already done with college. Or that I already lived on my own with no roommates. Or that I had a savings account, or that I didn’t know how to bake.… It was a bizzzzarrrrrrre list of things I heard from these silly boys. I was too much or too little of something for them. Anywayyyysss, time passed and guess what I did? I did me.‘ Cuz other ppl’s perception of me ‘aint none of my business. I had invested time into myself, to love and learn myself so then everything else just became noise. Honestly, investing in learning to love myselfis my strongest tools I use to fight against much crap in life. Listen, whatever stage & whatever age: Invest in you. Learn & love you. LISTEN TO ME, YOU BEAUTIFUL THING: You do not need to be any more or any less of anything for others! Do not EVER waste your precious time trying to convince someone else you’re worth their time. DO NOT EVER let someone ELSE pick your life for you. Whatever stage & whatever age, ALWAYS pursue what makes you feel FILLED! WHAT YOU ARE CALLED TO DO SHOULD NOT CHANGE BY OTHERS. Because if we aren’t doing what makes us happy, we are missing the point. And you, AS YOU ARE, deserve this ENTIRE, beautiful, vibrant world that we haveat our exposure this exact second +SO MUCH MORE. End of story. And refuse to let anyone tell you any different.

Welcome to the self-love club, it’s FREEING, isn’t it? 🙂


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