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F O U R T E E N Y E A R S!!!!!

And I am STILL DANCING over that choice I made. I’d make it a million times over again.

A 20-yr old New Yorker, stubborn in my own ways, what a privilege it has been to allow God to disrupt. Never could I have ever imagined even a SLIVER of how my life is now..!

What a thrill it has all been to see... All my unwanted, and unexpected, and uncharted has been Him intervening in my personal life to bring me to better things.

"I am come that they might have life, & that they might have it more abundantly.” If I have seen anything most from Him, it is life more ABUNDANT!

I love Him, I love Him!!!! I love what He has done for me and where He has taken me. He jolts my soul and it dances within me! My heart is on fire and I am still running after Him at full speed!

There have been SO many times when I have been stretched so thin, I was depleted, empty, and just sunken in. And in the most unexpected and different ways than I was keeping a demand and watchful eye for, He has come and breathed life and revival into my sunken spots. The whiplash from constant and consistent worst case scenarios visually appears like a chest that is breathing heavily— I deplete from the weight of the unwanted, He breaths back into me hope. I sink from confusion, He inflates peace. I collapse from struggle, from unexpected, from darkness, and He comes with the rise of all renewal, revival and light. With my shrinking, comes His swelling. With my empty, comes His magnifications. Like the expand & contract of a heart that is beating, as assuredly as the fall, always comes the rise. Revival & renewal. Filling & fulfilling. Mending & magnifying. He never delays. He never tires.

Perhaps yeah, so much has been in pieces, but those pieces have created a lot of space for transformations and transitions to the best that has ever been and could ever be.

And with His lifting and rising, it absolutely gives us seasons to soar! Seasons where our soul takes flight!

Because He descended below it all, everything that is bringing us down, weighing us down, holding us down, can be lifted up, He can lift us all higher! He has lifted and lighten my load, ELEVATED me to greater heights above the storm clouds into beautiful MAGNIFICATIONS that are promised to us.

I may collapse….a lot. But when I finally have it in me to open my eyes, I notice that it has always been at His feet. And can I trade that? I would never.

I am not who I ever once have been, but my gosh, am I better.

Like water to wine, He has consistently changed me into something significant and precious, something of greater worth—continuously coming into who I was meant to be all along— bursting through the seems with passion & purpose, and WHAT A FEELING!

There is a love that satisfies. His love will heal you. His love does heal you.

With the intensity of my soul: go to Him everyday with the honesty of your soul & SEE IT THROUGH! *He* is worth it! There are seasons of liberating ecstasy for us!

Allow His ways to disrupt our lives, that’s the best part! Because "thou shalt see greater things.” Greater!!!

Hosanna, save me



For full conversion story, filled with great sacrifice, painful loss, & faith through it all: More Than the Tattooed Mormon is svailable on AMAZON

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1 Comment

Brigham Tappana
Brigham Tappana
Aug 31, 2023

Just want to say how inspiring you are. I've been following you for a real long time and have always thought your story is so amazing. The world needs faith like yours. I thought it was super cool when I saw that your husband and my brother, Jake hung out together as kids. I remember the couple times he came to our house. You guys are great!

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