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God Doesn't Have to Love Me

I have given God too many reasons to not love me. None of them has changed His mind.

Disregarded, alone, out of sight— the woman at the well appeared unnamed, unimportant, undeserving, unfit, unclean, unworthy. THEN COMES JESUS. Pulled in her direction by inspiration & duty; “He must needs go,” are His words. Sitting. Jesus, waiting and willing.

The unworthy and unnamed are deserving of Him who is unfailing.

Because of exactly who she was and what she did, we know that we can be anything and still be worth it to Him.

Because Jesus went to her (and everyone else unnamed in scriptures), He will come to us.

Because Jesus offered Himself to her, He offers Himself to us.

Because Jesus cleansed and renewed her, He will cleanse and revive us.

Because He used her as a tool for His work, He is in need of you, as well. Jesus is here, waiting and willing.

Jesus Christ specializes in the seemingly impossible; He specializes in you.

Having “a perfect knowledge of all our guilt, & our uncleanness,” Jesus sees the real you. And He chooses to stay. To love, to cleanse, to advocate, to save.

Hosanna. Save me.


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