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"Haters Gunna Hate" is a Real Thing

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Every day I receive “hate mail” + hurtful comments on my posts. I am consistently told that I’m a bad person. I’ve heard everything from I’m wrong, my life is a joke, I look like a disaster— to, my efforts are a failure, I shouldn’t be allowed to go to church or the temple, no way could God love someone like me, or even that I should take my life because the world would be better without me and my terrible example.

I’m not looking for pity comments by saying this, because this post isn’t about me. My point is that no matter who you, what you look like, no matter what you have (or don’t have), whatever you are trying to do, opposition will come. It will always be there. Don’t listen to it. Don’t let it drag you down. Don’t let people stop you from trying. From succeeding.

I truly know that the best thing you can be, is you. My point is that God does love you just as you are. When He thinks of you, He smiles. So keep going. Keep trying. Keep doing good. And keep smiling. Because you are great. You do matter. And you are loved by so many. And always by God. Thank you for being you.

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