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Holy Week Scripture & Craft

Palm Sunday: Triumphal entry Mark 11:1-1 Monday: Cleansing the Temple Luke 19:45-48 Tuesday: Teaching & Parables Matt 22& 25, Mark 12:41-44 Wednesday: Healings, Miracles & Betrayal Mark 4&5, Matt 26:14-16 Thursday: Last Supper & Gethsemane John 13:1-35, Luke 22:39-46, Matt 26:36-57 Good Friday: Crucifixion & Burial Matt 26&27 Saturday: Teaching in the Spirit World 1Peter 3:18-19, 3Nephi 8&9, Matt 27:62-66 Easter Sunday: Resurrection Luke 24:1-12, John 20:11-17, Matt 28:1-20

When we celebrate Easter, we are celebrating everything we wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for Christ. We are not just celebrating Him cleansing the temple, but His ability to cleanse us. We are not just celebrating His resurrection, but His gift to have one, too. Forever would not exist- WE would all cease to exist. We wouldn’t have eternal families. We would die & that would be the end of everything. If it weren’t for Christ, we wouldn’t have real happiness. We wouldn’t have hope during trials or hope in the future. We wouldn’t have guidance. Warnings. Forgiveness. Repentance. Healing. Strength. Comfort. A chance to change. Miracles. Blessings. Eternity. Because He was resurrected, WE are resurrected. Because He lives- WE LIVE. Because He conquers- WE CONQUER. So as this Holiday passes us by, I hope we choose every day in all our situations to look for Christ & those things that come because of Him. Look for the promised blessings given to us. Look for the hope, guidance, comfort & blessings that are always there because of Christ. They are always there in every situation because Christ is always here, still. Alive. And every day He is showing He is there for us. If we but look. We will always have what we need to make it through anything. Comfort is always there because Christ is always there. Living. Loving. Helping. He knows the way because He IS the way. He is not our last option, He is our only option. Christ died so that we may live, so let us live well!

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