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How We've Been Teaching the Most Important Thing Wrong

[Don’t feel like reading? Listen to the AUDIO version, HERE.]

“I was sitting in a lesson at church and the teacher said that all people with tattoos are bad people.”

I have received WAY too many emails like this. This is a quote from an email I got just this morning. WHY? I thought we were past this! I thought we were more intelligent than this? I thought we were more loving than this? I thought we followed Christ better than this?

And no, this is not about tattoos, and no, I’m not just an advocate for people with tattoos, I am simply an advocate for, what should to a reality, that EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO PARTAKE OF THE LOVE AND BLESSINGS OF CHRIST. EVERYONE IS WELCOME IN THIS GOSPEL.

It is never ok to teach hate. It is never ok to belittle and judge without even a glimmer of chance or fellowship shown. It’s never ok to turn someone away.

I’m tired of reading emails from people who want to get baptized *but don’t because they feel too different. Or don’t because of how they were treated because of it.

But this is how we’re teaching our youth to act and behave towards any that are different. What we say, what we are teaching, is literally shaping the future leaders and teachers and fellowship of the church. And we are our own stumbling block.

I don’t care if you’re covered in tattoos, I don’t care what age or race or gender you are, I don’t care if you grew up and stayed in the church, if you grew up and left the church, or if you never heard of the church until now—

EVERYONE is welcome and invited to partake of forgiveness. EVERY SINGLE PERSON is welcome and invited to partake of salvation. Of change. Of REAL happiness. Of the indescribable feeling of Christ’s love. Of His atonement. Of His chance at a better life.

So, let’s act that way.

Let’s teach our kids that.

Let’s teach our kids that the importance of the atonement is more powerful and more important than someones past or outside appearance. Let’s teach our youth that Christ covers EVERYTHING if we turn to Him.

We need to teach that wherever you come from, you belong here. Whatever you’ve been through, you belong a part of this church. Whatever mistakes you’ve made, sins you’ve committed, YOU ARE NOT A BAD PERSON. You are loved. God’s mercy will always be extended to you. A chance to change and be forgiven is extended to all.

And Christ will never look at you like a waste of time. He will pick you up, and put you on His shoulders because you, whoever you are, are absolutely worth it. You are worth EVERYTHING God has to offer. He exists for you. To help you thrive and succeed and to become like Him.

So, let’s teach that. That’s the most important thing.

Because I know me and the thousands of people I get emails from are not the only ones tired of this, I know it.

xox AL 🙂

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