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I Can’t Believe We Made it Through That

We didn’t have a bed for the first few months we were married, we slept on the floor. (Actually, this in particular didn’t bother either of us though & made zero plans to even getting a bed.Still a fav memory of us) We only got one because someone from the ward saw our “sleeping arrangements” & got us one for us, haha. We ate on the floor b/c our place was SO SMALL, we literally couldn’t even fit a single chair inside where we lived. Couldn’t fit a table. Couldn’t open the door all the way b/c that mattress someone got us was a few inches smaller than the size of the entire room.

Then, we lived in a “basement apartment.” But it wasn’t even an apartment at all. It wasn’t actually even a basement, at all. Yeah, it wasn’t finished. But by “wasn’t finished,” I mean it wasn’t even started.

There was no bathroom. No running water.  The entire floor & perimeter walls were cement.  There was no walls, no rooms, just wooden beams where a wall was supposed to maybe one day go– No real ceiling, just pink insulation. No natural light, just those little rectangle windows at the very top by the ceiling.  No separate door to enter. 

We had two very large dogs at the time & stacked furniture so the dogs, & sometimes us, would come in & out through the window.  Just an open space of a cellar, during a really cold winter. 

We really did spend most nights with hand warmers in our socks &sometimes I’d fall asleep with them on my nose. And poor Gracie was only a few months old! 

I just asked Ben what he had to say about our time in “the basement,” & after a series of bad facial expressions & horizontal headshakes, he said,  “The basement was an unfortunate situation that I’m not sure looking back how we got through it.” That was just the start of an unimaginable amount of times that left us saying, “...I literally have no idea how we got through it…” I can’t count. & yet we do. And we will. Because regardless of how a path is camouflaged* they ALL lead to a better life with better things Because thats the entire existence of our real God Who is on our side! xoxAL

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