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last supper

Tonight, when you sit down for dinner, think of Jesus, sitting down for dinner, with His friends, for the last time. Tonight, when you get up from eating, think of Jesus, getting up, making His way to a garden. ‘His sweat was, as it were, great drops of blood falling down upon the ground’ (Luke 22:44).

Tonight, when you walk to your bed, think of Jesus, walking to the start of a night of illegal trials.

Tomorrow, as you awake after a night of rest think of Jesus, after a night of no rest, condemned & suffering & striped.

Tomorrow, as you step out of bed and walk into a new day, think of Jesus, walking heavy with cross to end His. Tomorrow, as you go about your daily tasks, think of Jesus, pierced with nails, wrists holding His weight.   Tomorrow, think of Jesus. Because tomorrow, He was definitely thinking of you.  Let’s give our life to Him, Who gave His life for us.


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