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New Year Priesthood Blessings

NEW YEARS PRIESTHOOD BLESSINGS! A 9 year tradition for us. And you have no idea what an anchor these blessings have been every year.

Absolutely this year will be packed with unexpected and challenging and new, just as all years of past. There’s no way for you to know how many times I would re read my New Year blessing throughout the year, as my life unfolds in unexpected ways.

I would reread it so many times throughout the year, I would almost memorize it, as I clung on to those words and promises of survival and blossoms.

Not only does this create an outlet for His counsel & promises & love given to hold on to—but it also opens up a space where we can see that our God fulfills. And that your God is, in fact, a God of His word, a God of intimate love, and a God of beautiful magnifications.

Nothing prepares you for the experience you will have reading it at the end of the year & see how wildly, proudly, deeply, and intricate He magnified all of those promises to you in ways you couldn’t have originally imagine when first received.

And WOW, does He become tangibly real to you as you reread how He brought it all to pass in beautiful ways.

Did you know you can record priesthood blessings? I like in Microsoft Word, there’s a microphone icon for Dictate on the top right toolbar and it writes it all up for you, just by hearing a voice. I’ve written down, voice recorded on my phone, or Word recorded every single priesthood blessing I have ever gotten since the year I got baptized in 2009. I know exactly what God promised to me and when He promised it to me. I know exactly what He’s asked of me and things I need to change. I read them. I have all of my kids blessings written up and saved into their own blessing folders so they can look back one day and see how much God cares for them, guided them, and magnifies His promises to them in their personal life.

Get a blessing. Hear His love in personal ways. Anchor yourself to His voice and His promises. Trust. Hold. See your seasons through. See His hand. Allow Him to take you somewhere better.


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