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Not Your Typical Mormon Mom

[Don’t feel like reading? Scroll down for the video version]

I am not a typical “Mormon mom,” although I’m not really sure what that means, anyways.

I never dreamed of being a mom. I’ve never even held a baby until my first, Gracie, was born.

[you can read how I didn’t want to be a mom & what changed, here.]

I can count on 1 hand how many times I’ve cooked dinner, I’m terrible at it.

I don’t desire a ton of kids, I’d be happy with just the 2 I have now.

I work full time and Ben stays home with them.That’s what our circumstances allow right now at this stage as Ben is in school.

And that’s ok.

But it’s not about me, our family, or our situation.

And it’s not about if you work or stay home with your kids.

And it is most definitely not about being a “typical” anything.

Because it’s not, and never will be, about comparing yourself to anyone.

It’s about your life being ok, too. However it may be.

In case no-one else is telling you—

Whatever you’re doing—is great. And it is right for you and your family.

Whatever your situation and circumstances are—that it is enough.

You are not any less of anything because of them.

In case no-one else is telling you—

You and your efforts are important.

They matter. They don’t go unnoticed.

And God knows and understands and blesses you in the capacity you’re in.

I want to be the one to tell you, in case no-one else is—

Your life has purpose. It has deep meaning. It has Godly help and support available at every stage of your life.

And we do not need to be any more of anything to feel of Him, to be loved by Him and receive the best ever created by Him.

So as we celebrate Mother’s Day, celebrate you not being the “typical.”

Celebrate and embrace and be proud of your differences. Being different is an amazing gift! If we were all the same how stupid would that be? We wouldn’t get anything done. We wouldn’t progress.

Celebrate your womanhood with confidence knowing that the best thing we could ever be, is ourselves. And who God wants us to be.

Celebrate knowing He is in charge and He does not make mistakes.

Embrace yourself, your life and your role—whatever it is that it may be.

Embrace and love who you are and where you are.

There is something amazing and needful and profound at every stage of our life.

Keep being you. Keep laughing. Keep praying. Keep trying.

Don’t exhaust yourselves to live up to this “perfect” image someone else created for your life. Stop thinking perfect is a thing and don’t drink the poison of comparison.

Exist to be happy, not impress.

Because life is too short not to love the journey God has for you.

Because life is too short not to see yourself the way He sees you.

And who He sees you as is someone capable of becoming like Him.

And. that. is. everything.

Enjoy it—because it’s happening.

xox AL

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I’ll Never Get Married

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