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Our Youth Are Struggling (& maybe it's our fault).

IF ONLY people knew how many messages I get from young teenaged girls who struggle with pornography – maybe we wouldn’t have teachers start out lessons with, “I know none of you do this, but…” – and we can move past ignorance and be more loving, and productive with what the atonement is ALL about.

I think we do a great job teaching how we should be living— but not a great job at all teaching what we need to do when mistakes are made.

Not just pornography, but as a whole:

SO MANY are standing idle with terrible guilt not knowing what to do & needlessly feeling alone & like a bad person. When do I need to talk to my bishop? What will that be like? How do I even repent? How do I use the atonement? How can I change? How can I forgive myself?

THIS is what more lessons should be based around. Otherwise, we are our own stumbling block and little progress can be made. I’m super pumped to talk openly about the important things that I’m still SO CONFUSED no one else is talking about, even in lessons! Haha- HUH?! Well, I am blunt & I have no shame & I am not embarrassed. You can count on me. You can count on your bishop. And you ABSOLUTELY can count on Christ.

SO— IN THE MEANTIME: To all the parents & leaders & teachers: let’s all remember that the most hurtful thing we can do is assume it could “never be my child” or my “young woman,” because unfortunately, it is. And unfortunately, they are all serving in callings & taking the sacrament out of immobilizing fear, shame, & lack of direction and counsel. We are hurting them by not teaching the resources the Lord has given us. We are hurting them by not teaching the MOST IMPORTANT THINGS: Christ & His power & role in our lives.

And to all those we are searching for answers & clarity: I hear you. We will all be better for you. You are loved. You are not a lone. You are not a bad person. Help & healing & change & forgiveness is ALWAYS there because Christ is always there. And He will never think less of you.

And I hope you feel comfortable sending questions so I know how I can best help & address topics, like chastity, +more!


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