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Overcoming Expectations

Something I’ve Noticed: 100% of the time when meeting someone new, I get first am asked “so, what does your husband do?”

From everyone. And by everyone, I’m talking’ people who have no idea who I am, definitely including people who have nothing to do with my or any religious community, too. All while passing by or ignoring or not considering or asking about my aspirations and passions and goals. I can count on my hands how many times I’ve been asked how my work is going, HA!

Even though for a season, mine and Ben’s roles have always seemed ‘reversed’ to those in our religious community, but I’m talkin’ outside of that. I’m not talkin’ about official “work,” but really our personal callings and pursuits in life.

I can’t help but notice these “harmless” but limiting questions we always seem to get, even from other woman, which brings feelings of being overlooked, inadequate, unimportant, secondary, and hurt.

I know how tricky it can be to move forward fighting against culture & expectations & second guessing—from others & from ourselves. I know how tricky it is to wonder if you’re doing the right things, or as many things, or if you’re failing or falling, or if your calling in life isn’t grand enough or your impact isn’t as deep enough —whatever it is our role may be in the season that we’re in.

This isn’t supposed to be a controversial thing, or a gender thing or a family thing, mostly my point is: I hope whoever you are— you have the confidence to DO. Let’s not let our circumstances or culture (whatever they are), and let’s not let anyone (even ourselves) stand in our way to pursuing our good, *reoccurring thoughts— those passions and goals that keep coming to mind, as if our soul is tugging us to finally go for it & see it through as if it remembers who we were supposed to be and Who God wanted us to become all along.

‘Cuz if we aren’t doing the things that make us happy, we’re missing the point. Even if they may seem different. Or unexpected. Or a-typical. Because I know we can really thrive and life can really blossom when we have faith in, and push through, what could seem as unexpected or different.

I saw a Lyft driver with all their windows down and just a black lab in the back seat. It made me really happy thinking that dog had important places to be. LET GO of any expectations or hurt or weight you may have caused by someone who is oh so human. Because other people’s perception of us, ‘ain’t none of our business, if we are right with our soul and with the Lord. SO gosh dang it, be like that black lab and get out there and LIVE! xoxAL

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