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Proof God is Fighting for You

No matter what you think of yourself and your efforts and your setbacks and your shortcomings, GOD IS FIGHTING FOR YOU and refuses to leave you and give up. The laborer in the vineyard asked if they should get rid of the branches that didn’t seem to be doing well, but the Lord says, “I will spare it a little longer, for it grieveth me that I should lose the trees of my vineyard.” So, there they stay and the Lord continues to stay there with it.

Now is not the time for God to judge us, but to love and revive and forgive and correct and change. Now is the time for Him to fight for us and work with us and stay with us as much as He can and give us more chances. Because to the most powerful being to ever exist, you matter. And you are worth the effort and time and chances because He doesn’t want to lose you.

He is there knowing that good can always come with His help, even if it is coming from “the worst”—the worst sins, the worst backgrounds or situations, etc. So next time you feel like you aren’t worth it and you aren’t worth Him, tell the adversary to shut it and take advantage of the Savior Who is still there. And take confidence knowing that all is never lost, because those branches in the worst soil, brought forth the most fruit.

He is still here and ready for you to blossom. xoxAL

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