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Reunited w/ My Elder

The most intimate thing we could ask someone to do is get baptized. B/c when we ask that, we’re asking them to change almost everything— not just what they do, but even the way they think. It’s overcoming, relearning, and rewiring the only way of living you know of, leaving behind years of habits, traditions, & sometimes family & friends.

It can be severely overwhelming to gain a testimony– change is extremely scary when you have such a long history & contrast of life filled w/ decisions, plans, paths & dreams completely out of sorts w/ the Lord’s will. Thinking of everything you need to be doing better or stop doing altogether is exhausting in itself.

You have racing thoughts of fear of what this could mean for your life now & how unexpected & unknown & scary whatever the next steps are. All while still learning how all this stuff works. And he👆🏼 was the very, very few who was there for a lot of it.


“anciently, sacrifice meant literally ‘to make something or someone holy.’ …Sacrifice is less about giving up—and more about giving TO the Lord”— Elder Budge

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