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The Thing About Contention is – It Doesn’t Listen.

NOTHING I HATE MORE than when my integrity & intentions are assumed & exploited by strangers.

Nothing worst than your entire character destroyed by people you’ll never meet, & when inaccurate information about you in unfamiliar groups, spread around as truth & you have nothing you can do to defend or explain yourself.  And even if you did – it would only make things worst.B/c the thing about contention is, contention doesn’t listen. No matter how perfectly crafted your response is, it’s never interested in learning, anything said is just giving it another opportunity to get another jab in.

Nothing worst when despite your prayers & personal revelations & efforts to clarify, to help, to be transparent, to inspire & triple check it all & so on- many seem to always miss the point & get it wrong & tear you down every time. Man, that’s still quite possibly the one thing that wracks my brain & weighs me down the longest.

There will always be someone waiting to get offended by something b/c they hold the world to their own personal expectations.

Sometimes you just need to step back & worry about you & worry about God, & go onward & upward in the best way you know how.B/c although it is exhausting & although it is heavy & DANG is it OH SO tempting to slow down or to quit—

Too short to be influenced negatively over people you’ll never meet- we only get to do this mortal thing once, and life is too short to get worked up & worried over things you have no control over, too short to sell yourself short- too short to allow the adversary to drive our life or our self-worth & purpose into the ditch.

LET GO of any hurt or weight caused by someone who is OH SO HUMAN. Because other people’s perception of us, ain’t none of our business, if we are right with our soul and with the Lord.

Because contention never listens and we don’t have time for satan’s pathetic games. And no hurtful comment or untrue jab from someone else can take away from the reality & importance of His command for us to forgive all & keep going.

Because it’s living the gospel that matters. It’s thriving in who you really are & who God wants you to become that matters. It’s making sure we aren’t letting anything effect our forever that matters. It’s about feeding & taking care of the eternal soul *living within* us that matters. It’s how God sees us is what matters. And He sees us as someone capable of becoming like Him.

We find whatever it is we’re looking for. Look for the good. Look for Him. As always, sending love & prayers your way!


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