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Things Are Hard Right Now, But…

Things have been hard for me for a bit and I don’t see it ending quite yet.

You know when you’re so exhausted your body hurts and you forget how to do life? And you’re SO tired that everything seems hard and sucky an d it’s like a downward spiral of a mess? Most days I find blessings and things to laugh at within my personal trial, but then some days—like yesterday— I.crumble. I cry. I break down. I become overwhelmed with burden and am dragging with the thought of all the things I wish were different.

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Like yesterday—

I cried on my stairs out of exhaustion and frustration. And then I put a pillow over my face as I complained to Ben about my struggles.

and then I woke up today with mascara on my forehead and my arms and my neck.

But I woke up today and things changed because I remembered something…


I remember Who God truly is. I remember His purpose of existence which is to help us to the best things and return to Him. Because sometimes when we are weighed down, we just need the simple reminder that God knows all.

And when we truly know & remember all that, even during our struggles, we can smile. And we can laugh. We can wipe off our mascara & move on. And we can keep going. And we can live a better life. And we can enjoy the unexpected.

So, yeah maybe things really stink right now. And yeah, maybe we wish things were going differently. But you know what? God is real. And He is there. And you know what? Motivation and comfort and guidance and energy and a new mindset is a prayer away. And you know what? The future holds everything for us.

And the cool thing is, because of God, EVERY PASSING SECOND IS A CHANCE TO TURN IT ALL AROUND.✨

SO CHEERS! 🍻 (sparkling juice, obvs.)






‘Cuz our trials and our change of course will never alter the unchanging truth that God is real and is leading us to the best blessings. BECAUSE WE HAVE A FREAKING GOD WITH ENDLESS RESOURCES ON OUR SIDE—HOW EMPOWERING IS THAT!

That absolutely gives me every reason to keep going, and keep turning to Him. That gives me every reason to choose laughter. And choose faith. And choose to smile, every day.

To me, that is every reason to be happy and to make even the hard days, not as hard. Because with God, life is OH SO good!

Xox AL


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