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MY FIRST CHURCH! This little cutie used to be a small post office, but was my very 1st LDS Singles Branch I went to when I was investigating and got baptized.

This little building was the start of e v e r y t h i n g .

I have never felt more welcomed anywhere in my entire life then in this building. Where “all are welcome” really is practiced and you see it every.single.Sunday.

They sat next to me in when I reeked of smoke. No one gave me any looks when I didn’t know you were suppose to wear a dress and they all hugged me anyways. When I didn’t own a dress and defaulted to a black, strapless sundress you wear over a bathing suit ‘cuz it was all I had, they invited me to activities. They included me. They taught me.

Mostly, they unconditionally loved me regardless of my intentions, my appearance— anything.

Even though I wasn’t initially looking for a church to join, I wanted to be a part of this because of how I was treated. It is in every sense of perfection, what the gospel should emulate. I am a devoted member, with all the covenants made and an eternal family started because in this building, no one judged me. No one forced me. In this building, we really were family. I was “alone” in the gospel, but I had them and it.was.everything.

So, no— this isn’t just an old post office with fold out chairs we set up every Sunday for sacrament. It is my beginning. I have everything I have now, I am where I am now because of this building. It is where me (& MANY others) started their forever with effects well into the eternities with ripples far too great to comprehend. This building and the people in it is the gospel in action.

Conversion is the most intimate thing we can witness and experience. There is nothing more personal than the invitation to learn about and join this gospel because it is an invitation to change everything about someone.

I’m grateful for everyone that saw me as Christ does. I’m grateful for the ones that didn’t let “politics” of the church get in the way of compassion. I am what happens when you don’t judge someone. I am what happens when you live how Christ has taught us to. I am the result of unconditional love. A saved eternal soul, like mine, is a result of putting aside your pride, assumptions, and fears.

“What makes people want to change?” After a lot of thinking about this, I realized that there is only one answer: The Church is true. This is all real. And Heavenly Father loves us and misses us when we are not there.

It is the Spirit that makes us want to change, and it is the Savior who makes it possible.

Forever and eternally grateful for the gospel in action and for people who actually live what is preached. I am here because of it.

xox AL



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