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We SECRETLY Moved to New York!

I will do another post around the spiritual experiences we had that gave us our answer, but in the meantime, enjoy these two videos we posted of us saying goodbye to Utah and our journey across, and the ultimate surprise of our lifetime to my family.

I will still be speaking, although just not local to Utah anymore. If you are wanting a signed book, either hard cover Fireside edition, or softcover 2nd edition, there are signed books available on AMAZON as well as Utah Deseret Book locations. But since I am no longer local to my publishers, this is the last chance to get a signed book and supplies are limited. 🙂

Sending love & prayers your way!

xox AL

Video 1: our move. Video 2: surprise my family. Video 3: our house tour.

“More Than the Tattooed Mormon”: HERE. | Audio CD: HERE. | eBook: HERE.

Fireside CD edition: HERE.

“Cheers to Eternity”: HERE. | Audio CD: HERE. | eBook: HERE.

More products: journals, home decor, jewelry, HERE.

Newest YouTube Video: HERE.

Instagram: @22alfox | Twitter: @22alfox

Speaking Schedule, HERE.

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