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When 2 Things Are Both Right

I DID ITTTTT! I finally finished!!!! I have been sitting on so many projects I wanted to pursue but just didn’t know what to do first, then no-one of them got done & I sat still. Time passed & I was still in the same spot. Dang it, MY BIG RULE OF THUMB TO LIVING IS ALWAYS KEEP MOVING even if in small tiny steps. But I didn’t with this. Seriously though, my life’s rule of thumb includes the realization that the adversary doesn’t get me to do “bad” things, he gets me to do no things. To stand still. To be idle. To sit on it a little longer. To let a little more time pass. And there I still am. For me, standing still is the adversary winning. So today, I have lifted weight & PURE JOY & pride as I knock something off my personal to-do list, because I realized the things that give me personal fulfillment are all important. That my big two ideas can both be right. I can do them both and it didn’t matter what one I picked first. I just needed to pick. To act, to move. I remembered it’s easier & faster for God to move us WHEN WE ARE IN MOTION. New ideas & great progress comes from even the smallest steps. Or a single step, even! And I remembered the time God told Ben & I no matter what decision we made, it didn’t matter. In hindsight of that particular decision making, we learned it wasn’t because He didn’t care, it’s just that, both decisions were good, both paths eventually led to the same destination, both paths came with the same promised blessings & both paths He was on. And I remembered that God doesn’t always tell us what’s right. BUT HE DOES always tell us what’s wrong. That’s a promise. He wants us to act, to choose, to move, to problem solve. And I remembered, I’M ONLY HERE ONCE. Today and now is the only guarantee I have and I refuse to let it pass me by. Refuse.

I guess my point is: JUST PICK. JUST GO FOR IT. JUST START. KEEP MOVING FORWARD. Give something, anything, for the Lord to work with. Always take a chance on a reoccurring idea & MOSTLY: ALWAYS pursue the things that make you feel filled!

Happy creating, happy doing, and living, friends! xoxAL

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