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When Trials Wont End:


This has become quickly my favorite references to share. It’s about hard times that seem to be so consistently there for us. Those times where we feel like we can’t catch our breath, where we catch ourselves thinking, “Why? Why me? Why hasn’t this passed yet? Why can’t it be over? What did I do to have this happen?”

Lucky to live in Utah- our thrift stores have really great church books for even sometimes a quarter! So I buy cheap, old, Book of Mormon and I take them everywhere I go to read every chance I get. And when I finish it, I start a new-unmarked Book of Mormon to read. I love reading it without any markings so they will not influence or hinder learning something new- then I’ll put them all in my nice leather set.

I haven’t wrote a post in this style before, but I’m making an exception because while I was doing that-marking my scriptures- I found one of my favorite inspiring versus that really helps me in those hard times that are so consistently there, and those times we ask Why.

I’ll show you how I marked them in my scriptures, and then I’ll explain:

It was so consistently hard for them. The only thing they had to make that journey- the only thing that they had that was more consistent then the storms- was light. The light that came right from the Lord. And they made it! Unharmed. Even in the worst of the worst. And not once were they not moving forward – even with those hard times.

In fact, I don’t doubt that those harsh winds and storms weren’t the main reason that moved them closer to where they needed to be. Their goal. The promised land. The whole reason why they left on the journey was to get there, because it was so much better then where they had started out. And the best part is, when they got there, after all of what they went through- the first thing they did was give thanks. All of their discomfort didn’t matter, it was completely replaced with happiness, with gratitude, because they made it. And because it was better. And not only better then where they were before, but better then what they could have imagined.

All of the discouragement that you may be feeling now or have felt- all of your sorrow, and sadness, or confusion- and all of those times where you can’t help but ask any form of why- look to this story. Look to the Light. Look to Christ. Know that you are moving closer and closer to the ‘promise land’- to where you are suppose to be. The place which started your journey to begin with. Closer to where things are so much greater then what they ever could have been before. And greater then you could have imagined.

The happiness you will feel when that happens- whether its the end goal, or just those steps of progression along the way- the timing will be perfect, and it will be indescribably worth it. The time may not be now, but it will be perfect. All of those feelings you had previously felt during those hard times will disappear. Every bit of them will be bringing you to our goal, so as long as we keep the light with us.

I’ll quote myself from my ‘Stay Strong‘ video, “All I could feel was happiness. All of the pain- all of the struggles- and hurt- all of my discomfort- every discomfort disappeared. None of that mattered. Nothing mattered except that happiness that I felt. Because I didn’t quit. Because I made it!”

Those hard times will always be there. Satan will always be there- But so will Christ. And Light always overcomes darkness.

Do not be discouraged. You are not left alone. You are not forgotten. You are not being punished.

You are being led. You are being directed. You are protected.

And you will make it. And it will be perfect.

“Fail not to continue” D&C 84:80

“For verily, I say unto you, I will that ye shall overcome the world…for I have given unto you the kingdom” D&C 63:2&4

“mine eyes are upon you, and the heavens and the earth are in mine hands, and the riches of eternity are mine to give. Ye endeavored to believe that ye should receive the blessing which was offered unto you; but behold, verily I say unto you there were fears in your hearts, and verily this is the reason that ye did not receive.” D&C 67:2-3

“Fear not, little children, for you are mine” D&C 50:41

xoxAL 🙂

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