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You are not breaking down, you are breaking THROUGH.

Growth isn't always measured in numbers & metrics. Don't forget it's also measured by things like: confidence, purpose, love, passion, resiliency, relationships, boundaries, quality time... When you look at this past year, don't just look at the numbers. Look at how you feel. How you lived.

How you overcame. How you grew & blossomed. How things became more vibrant to you.

Consider the lilies, how they grow. They grow! They blossom! They live, they continue, they become something more, something greater.

God is good even when our situation is not, because He knows something we don’t. So what if we got it all backward? What if every step is the miracle?

When I allow God to be God, when I allow Him to take me somewhere better, when I see my seasons through, wow, does life blossom.

WOW, do WE blossom, life——becomes more VIBRANT.

And we’ll be profoundly grateful things didn’t go our own way ‘cuz we WILL find ourselves living our best self in our best life, living & experiencing things we didn’t even know were available to us, with new knowledge & talents we wouldn’t have wanted to go any further in life without.

Because we chose to trust the most powerful being to ever exist. And we will one day pause & look around, & we’ll see where we are, what we’ve gained along the way, the something different & the something greater— And we’ll wonder why we hadn’t done better all along.

Because my, how we’ve GROWN!

“All these things shall be added unto you.” Added. Losses will be made up. Blessings will be magnified. You will grow. Blessings will blossom. He will take you somewhere better. So, “take ye no thought.” Embrace the unexpected knowing Who is guiding you.

Small steps are still steps. Slow steps are still steps. And every step is the miracle. You are in route to the even better. And you will stand all amazed.


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