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Amongst the sad, the dark, the confusing & exhausting

Do you have a word? Or a phrase? Is that like, a New Years thing you may do for the year? I don’t. But unintentionally my spirit kept reminding me of one through this entire year, repeatedly, is: peace Either I was at peace at an unexpected time or desperately seeking it.

This week I was in the desperately seeking column. This picture right here, today, at the publication site for the Book of Mormon… standing on original floors, seeing original ink splats, watching how the book in its entirety was constructed 1 individual letter at a time, letter by letter, & backwards. Hand folded, hand cut, hand glued, hand woven & bound. Page by page. The first run of the Book of Mormon, took 17 1/2 months to make.

Today I was there. In the spot. And my soul was overwhelmed by a jolt of refocus and resolve. And finally, finally–I, in my entirety, was at peace. Amongst it all, the sad, the dark, the confusing, exhausting—peace. Today, that’s what I #givethanks to.

To my friend who just passed away from suicide, be at peace. To my friends on here who may be seeking, struggling, holding on & hanging on in all capacities, be at peace. To my friends on here looking, leaning, learning, longing, be at peace. When it’s out of our hands, it’s in His. The very Prince, in fact, of peace.

What’s been your word???


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