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God's Thumb Print

I volunteer several days a week at a hospice house.

There was a resident there who’s favorite meal was breakfast. I am always there in the mornings. Every single time I was there, they would always request/I was happy to offer these huge breakfasts for them. It became a running joke, even.

Today was their birthday and also their passing.

While I was there, and before their immediate family left visiting for the last time, I thought it would be fitting to cook one last big breakfast, but for them this time.


Legit hearts in the bacon!

What a perfect little thumb print to their celebration of life/their birthday/traditional big breakfast parting.

Happy birthday, friend


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1 Comment

Judy Cook-Uribe
Judy Cook-Uribe
Aug 27, 2023

Keep, doing what you are doing. Your story and your spirit is an inspiration to my heart. You are amazing!

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