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Interesting, Isn't It? How Hard & Unnatural This is…

INTERESTING, isn’t it?

Because of Isiah’s prophecy, for centuries, many young Jewish women had dreamed & wondered, “will I be chosen as the mother of the Messiah?”

But not Mary.

When she was told she was going to be the mother of Christ, she tried to tell the angel –not her

‘Cuz she saw herself as a “handmaid.”

In Hebrew, handmaid translates to ‘slave.’

Interesting, isn’t it?

How we as woman are so quick to do that to ourselves?

How we are so quick to lesser ourselves? How it is so *unconsciously easy for us to sometimes deny ourselves of things because we don’t think we are worthy of them.

Or that we are not capable of them. Or surely, someone else would be a better fit than they-for reasons too numerable to list.

Not saying that Mary necessarily did this, but interesting, isn’t it?

How hard it is to gap together how we see ourselves VS. how God sees us. How unnatural it can be to see in ourselves what God see’s in us. What we think we are worthy of vs. what He already has strategically & profoundly planned for us.

But little did humble Mary know, the crucial impact she would have regardless of how she saw herself.

And little do we know, what we are capable of doing & becoming, because we are His.

So, let’s vow to do a better job & quit knocking ourselves down! Because regardless of how we see ourselves- God sees us for who we truly are:

Capable. Worthy. Crucial. And Profoundly part of something SO MUCH BETTER than we could ever imagine!

xox AL


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