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Missed Blessings

LAST YEAR’s New Years priesthood blessing I was promised a very specific blessing, NON of which

came to be, now that the year ended. Like, the wording was very specific, along the lines of, “this is the year where…will happen” specific. And it did.not.happen.

And I grew sour about it. I brought it up to Ben throughout the whole year. Not only did that not happen but that specific thing was a struggle & a trial to us. And I grew bitter towards that priesthood blessing I got.

And then I got my this years New Years blessing—and was not the first thing addressed in it around👆🏼that:

“Those blessings will happen when you put forth the efforts to make them happen.”☠️

….soo…. …I’ll just go climb in now⚰️….. STAB the heart and a PUNCH to the GUT.

‘Cuz was I actually putting in any effort, or was I just expecting it to just happen because He said it could.

I wasn’t. I wasn’t doing much. I was thinking about it a lot, but thinking is not doing. We reap what we sow. Faith without works is dead. “Heavenly Father appreciates & admires effort” (wording from my blessing)

So I’ll add a tiny bit of counsel from my blessing in case anyone else needs a reminder: “He wants you to get the most out of your life! “What He wants for you is to truly be happy and enjoy your life “It’s us that puts limitations on ourselves. “Eliminate the noise this year—so much is insignificant—focus on you & the spirit, your relationship with your HF, focus on your family, your endeavors—things you’re passionate about, the things you want to do, & helping others. … Go forward with faith & optimism… and you WILL see the fruits of your labors.”


Note: this is a specific thing when I wasn’t doing anything. But in relation to promised blessings when we are trying, and they are still not coming, read this: Promised Blessings Do Come, But They Don’t Come in Order

More on our New Year’s Priesthood Blessings: For the past 8 years we have done for guidance & promises for whatever is to unfold in a new chapter of a new year. As the unexpected always comes in every year, these blessings to look whenever I want (I voice record them all), through the year are a hope in the dark and an anchor to my soul! And I simply cannot articulate how profoundly deep they become when I read them at the end of the year and see how it all came to be. The triumph, the promises, the fruits, the correction, the unexpected.

Years ago when Gracie was struggling in reading she was promised in her New Years blessing that reading & writing & language would be a huge strength of hers throughout her life—-she remembered & held on to that throughout the whole year as she struggled & invested to overcome. It brought her hope & resolve to continue with efforts through struggle. And wow, look at her now, even young in age, can pop out a chapter book in a day if she wanted. Writing side by side me when I sit to write because it has blossomed into a joy for her.

And the year I was told I didn’t have good odds when diagnosed complicated high risk with Mercie, I dug my nails deep into my New Years blessings months previous that said I would have great health that year, and here we both are!

I have written down or recorded every blessing I had ever gotten since 2009. I know what God has asked of me & what God has promised me. And although blessings do not always come in order, they do always come. Our God is a God of His word & a God of great magnifications.

God speaks & He is participating in our individual lives and I am elated to have the privilege to seek out my one by one God at any given second through so many different ways.

I am elated and privileged to be part of it all.

I am privileged to allow my perfect God intervene in my life to help me to better things than I even imagined for myself.

We read today for Come Follow Me in the scriptures that God is Endless—but that’s not just absent of a beginning or an end—but also what He offers can be endless—endless comfort, endless help, endless blessings, corrections, hope, strength….

What a privilege to be His!

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