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New Addition to the Carraway Family

Well, the secret is out! Which is great because I’m not sure I could keep it that much longer with the way my clothes are starting fit, haha. We are expecting baby #2, and this time, a BOY. I grew up with all girls and all of my parent’s grandchildren (all 3 of them haha) are all girls, so it’s exciting to break the chain.

Due date is June 5th, which is a day after Ben’s birthday & week before Gracie’s. Very well could shared birthday with either… and Father’s Day is in there somewhere, too.

And you know what’s great? This pregnancy has been completely different than the 1st, thank goodness. Ever since I took a pregnancy test with Gracie it was a hard, hard struggle, with lots of sickness, lots of hospital trips, lots of weight gain (70 lbs!), and even more sickness, and just the whole thing, every day, was a really hard, hard experience for me. Not this time. No sickness at all with just a little fatigued in the beginning (which, for the record, 1st trimester pregnancy + being out on my book was a very solid recipe for the worst fatigue you could imagine- Thank goodness for prayer!) But other than a hectic book tour, I’ve felt great and am still able to work out.

Now, that’s not what’s great about this. It’s not about ‘bragging’ of the ‘easiness’ of this pregnancy, (Don’t you just hate those kind of posts that make you feel bad about your own situation being different or harder than someone else’s) but what is great about it is, although expecting our new addition to our family is incredibly exciting and we could NOT be more thrilled about this, pregnancy aside, we are still battling THE hardest (and longest) trial of my entire life. I blogged about it a little, and have most definitely been open about it on Instagram. This trial is one that has tested and tried and worn me down like nothing I could have imagined myself going through. And what’s great is knowing & experiencing every day is that this “easy” pregnancy is hand-picked by God to perfectly balance my trial. Though some days I don’t feel like it, I am still standing. Though most days I feel weak, I am still going. How grateful I am to experience His mercy to know that with Him and His help, living His will, we are not given more than we can handle. Grateful to know I am created, loved and protected by an all-powerful God, who will stretch us in order to grow, but will always be perfectly crafted to bless & build us up.

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