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Personal Promises from God

January 1, 2019: I wasn’t pregnant yet and I got my traditional New Year’s priesthood blessing. A lot was said in that blessing, one of which was that it would be a year of “key changes & hard decision to make,” and I immediately knew that we would move out of state away from NY even though we JUST bought a house 6 months previous. [And here we are in Arizona].

I was also promised to have a year of “great health.” At the end of that same month, I found out I was pregnant & halfway through, I was diagnosed a complicated high-risk diagnosis with crazy odds against me. I would re-read that blessing over and over again during that dark time of unknown, talking about my ‘good health.’ I held on to those personal promises given to me months previous from God Himself, hoping with everything I had left, that He was a God of His word.

Long months had passed from that diagnosis & more scary news would follow. I was trying my best to move forward with Him during times where everything was telling me to let go of illogic false hopes & face my realities.

Then right before she was born, it all just went away. Went away like it never even happened.  And I heard my doctor say, ‘never in my entire practice have I seen that happen.’

Listen— I know sometimes life can get crazy or scary or overwhelming or confusing, but— Your faith and hope and efforts are not in vain. All of this, this isn’t just wishful thinking. It’s real. Real-life strength. Real-life promises. Real-life God.

Take time to step back from what makes logical human sense & remember that our God is much greater than all that. We have a God who is oh so good. He is good because He keeps His promises.

Wherever you are and whatever you may be navigating, just remember, God’s promises to us are not only fulfilled, but magnified. Do not let time and trials dim your faith or diminish the truthfulness of His promises to you.

Because OHHH what a feeling it is when we see these phases through & realize that the best things can only come from sticking with God at all times & in all things.

“When I can’t see the hand of God, I should trust His heart, I know what kind of heart He has.” —David Butler xox AL

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