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When it Doesn’t Work Out

I was engaged to a boy that I didn’t end up marrying. Date set & all. But then he told me that he could find someone better. Soooo, that was 😎 cool. 

IT SHATTERED ME, but not because I wasn’t with this guy, (‘cuz, phew that was a close one, right though?!) BUT because I had never been more *spiritually confused in my entire life.  I started second guessing everything. I thought I was following the Spirit, so how could it not work out?! It stunk because I all of a sudden doubted my entire relationship with the Holy Ghost—have I been doing it wrong the whole time?! I was mad, thinking that my faith & my God & my own self, were failing me. It took me a long while to realize something important: The engagement was supposed to happen – the marriage was not. It was supposed to “not work out” the whole time.  👏🏼It “not working out” was actually it working out perfectly👏🏼 how God had in mind the whole time! 👏🏼 That all *needed* to happen, because it led me to a wrestle— which led me to learning vital lessons I couldn’t imagine living life without—lessons I would be lost without knowing. Which led me down other paths I would t have done before— Which kept me on His path— and it all led me to knowing God.  And when He becomes a reality to you, could you trade that knowledge? As hard as things were and continue to be, I know God. And I love Him with a real love.  And ya’ll, LOOK WHAT I HAVE BECAUSE IT DIDN’T “WORK OUT!” I put that in “quotes” because obviously it did all work out *exactly & perfectly & intricately* how it needed to. God Himself told me in a priesthood blessing mine & Ben’s souls are knitted together, so YEAH, it worked out pretty great, if you ask me. All of it part of God’s plan to being with. (Kind of how I wanted to serve a mission BUT LOOK WHAT I’VE DONE because I didn’t go on one. & like all those other times for everything else in my life…🌝)” SO TO YOU: when things seems to be falling a part & going differently, HOLD ON. What seems like ignored desires & unanswered prayers can be GOD INTERVENING— bringing you to better things. Intricately part of it all to being with.


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