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When It’s One of Those Days…

It was just one of those days.…maybe the past few days… Idk idk idk idk what I’m doing and I feel deflated and defeated and I feel like I’m going in circles. And then it’s like…a brain spiral and we start to wonder if we’re doing the right things or as many things, or if we’re failing or falling or that our calling in life isn’t grand enough or our impact isn’t deep enough. And then we end up standing still. Just overcome and laying on our kitchen floor, perhaps.

The adversary gets to me most by standing still—not in a catch your breath and reflect stand still, but an idle-defeated stand still, ya know? It’s this weird dance him and I get into often. I don’t even step on his toes anymore. But the good thing about that, spending a lot of time with the adversary, is I can notice him faster and I’ve learned how to make my way away.

So I finally got tired of all this and started being productive and not destructive (or idle letting satan linger). So, I’m laying on my kitchen floor for longer than I care to admit (exhibit a^) and know what I thought of? What great lengths God has gone to save us.

I have given too many reasons for God not to love me and none of them has changed His mind.

That absolutely gives me reason to get off the floor. To keep going, keep trying, keep smiling, keep laughing AND RUN LIKE I AM ON FIRE LIVING A LIFE OF GREAT PASSION and doing what God has called me to do—those things that make me feel filled! Because I am ONLY HERE- LIVING– ONCE! And the adversary might have power to bruise, but bruises heal. WE HAVE THE POWER TO CRUSH because regardless of what comes, I HAVE A FREAKING GOD ON MY SIDE WHO NEVER LEAVES ME. Can you think of anything more empowering than that? Not me.


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