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When You Feel Alone:

Maybe the woman at the well, as she sat alone drawing water, was thinking of the weight of her burdens. Maybe she was thinking how she wishes she could change things & how she wishes things were different. Perhaps she was thinking how she was only there because she wanted to be alone. Or maybe that she deserved to be alone. There was a straight shot shortcut to Galilee through the Bethsan gap. It was essentially the only route for Jews to travel for 2 reasons: it was fastest. And also, the longer route would mean they would have to travel through Samarian, a city that descended from heathen colonist, in short, they hated Jews. But Christ journeyed that route, purposely. And that’s when He meets the woman at the well. The disciples were shocked that He even spoke to her, a Samaritan. And not just that, but a sinful woman of a hated and despised apostate race. And not only did he talk to her, he taught her and stayed with her for 2 days. Maybe we feel alone and burdened, but Jesus will and does travel the “long way” to get to us. On purpose. Even and especially, when everyone else may fail us. He comes to us because He doesn’t lose sight of us. Because He knows our hiding places. “Because they are not lost to God. He knows where they are,” (3N17:4). Regardless of what we have done or haven’t done, He comes to us. And He stays with us. And what we think is a painful moment alone with a weight we wouldn’t know how to explain to anyone else, could turn in to an intimate one on one moment with the Savior, if, like the woman at the well, we are willing to listen and if we are willing to be taught. xoxAL

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