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Wait For Your 'Manger'


Here’s a new thought I had the other day. And it’s not about Christmas. It’s about opportunities that have passed. It’s about doubtless, faithful perseverance. It’s about patience. Understanding. Perspective. It’s about knowing there is not something wrong with you. It’s about the ‘best’ rather than the good or better.

I was reading this month’s Ensign article by Elder Russell M Nelson called The Savior Lives on pg 17. Something simple was said by him is what sparked all of these thoughts. He was talking about the birth of Christ. The story of Mary.

“…Perhaps they traveled even farther…They likely camped out several nights because their journey would have required 3 to 4 days…”

I don’t often think of what they went through as they traveled. I don’t often think of the discomfort Mary was in. I don’t often think of all the opportunities that came up, that didn’t work out for her. How badly she wanted that Inn, but was denied. That seemed like such an amazing thing, and how heartbreaking it was when it didn’t work out.

Was it because Mary was being punished? Did she do something wrong? No. Not at all.

But Heavenly Father had something else in mind. A manger. It may not have seemed perfect to Mary and Joseph, it may not have been what they had in mind. But it was all a part of Heavenly fathers plan.

Elder Russell M Nelson said, 'as soon as they got there, Christ was born.' Jesus could have been born any one of those days traveling! But he wasn’t, he wasn’t born until the time and place Heavenly Father needed.

Could you imagine if Mary and Joseph didn’t keep going? Or if they were accepted into the Inn? Would the Sheppard’s find them? Would they have been there to bless others? Fulfill the plan, and prophesies?

Surely, the birth of Christ was perfect in every way. It was the best way, rather than a good, or a better. It was according to plan.

So look at what I titled this post. Wait for your“manger”. Wait for your something best, rather than settling for something good, or something better. Wait for your something perfect according to Him. I know it can be hard and full of discomfort, just like Mary, but when you see opportunities pass, keep going with faith knowing there is something else to come. That you are not being punished. And when it is His time, it will happen almost immediately. That it will not just bless you, but profoundly help and bless others because of it. Because you waited. Because you trust Him. Because you know that ‘He will not fail thee!’ (Deut. 31: 8)

You deserve it what He has in store for you. Do not get discouraged. It will come. And It will be perfect.

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