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Organizing The Spirit; 6 LDS Journal Ideas

I often think, how much more will Heavenly Father tell you when He knows you will write it down, remember it, treasure it, listen to it, and deem it as important. I know that the second we pick up a pen ready to write down anything—whether it be thoughts, impressions, blessings— we will receive even more from God. And I have found a lot of answers and counsel I am in need of is something He has already given to me and I wrote it in my journal already, sometimes years ago, that I needed to reread.

When you write everything down, it allows you to reflect on blessings you might have missed. It allows you to see your growth, to look back and realize how much you've accomplished and that you are, in fact, doing better than you thought! Here are some journal ideas that I do. I'd love to hear your ideas in the comment below!

+General Gospel Journal This is my main journal that I write in as frequently as my life experiences and lessons require me to. It is filled with pictures, quotes, scriptures, lessons, trials, struggles, doubts, firesides, goals, new callings, impressions, accomplishments— any and everything from my day to day life. It is all church/gospel related in some sense, and far from a Dear Diary.

+Testimony "I Know" Journal I have had this journal since 2010, I write my testimony in it every single fast & testimony and it has been just SO neat to go back and read through it over the months &years. It's important to keep track of your testimony and this for me is a good way to see how I've strengthened over the past month, because if I haven't I'm doing something wrong. Plus, the best way to strengthen your testimony, is to bear it. Even if it's just to yourself.

Inside journal, "I Know" See below for link to purchase

+Priesthood Blessing "Blessed" Journal This is probably my favorite journal I have started. This is where a lot of my comfort, motivation, and counsel comes from. Every blessing I have ever received I have wrote down immediately after in a journal. This is a very easy way to quickly look through and see your promised blessings and to be refocused and brought back on track, to have hope restored and something to look forward to & work towards, to see the things you need to do better with, to see things you need to change., and to see look back on how things were fulfilled. And to reread, in Heavenly Father's own words, that He loves you, He is aware of you, and knows what you are going through and what He has in store fro you. And don't we all need that personal pick-me-up once in a while? +Baptism A once a year journal not just for converts, but everyone-it's not too late to start, no matter how long ago it was! I write in this every year, on the day I was baptized, and fill it with recent pictures of myself and my family I started, and give an update of my life: Where I live, how old I am, how long I've been a member, where I'm working, my calling in church, etc., what I did that day... And to end it, a write a "Note to Self," with my testimony.

Inside journal, "With God, Lie is OH SO Good." See below for link to purchase.

I always pray for new eyes before each time I read, and if you have a pen ready, Heavenly Father sure does open up new things to you in so many ways. +General Conference journal Often times my answers don't come until after conference reading my notes. The thing about journals that makes it effective, is honesty. I think one of my hard things getting started was, why write a bad time down to be remembered, when I knew it would all blow over? But this is what life is all about! Reading through those times makes my testimony stronger! One page could be of you crying and have all of these uncertainties, or trials, and you flip forward a few pages and you could see the hand of the Lord fill you with comfort, understanding, growth, progress, and blessings! Writing and reading journals you truly can see just how individual and personal Heavenly Father really is towards personally and individually you. He is mindful of you in every emotion you feel. You are being guided every step of the way. That He does love you with Great Detail.

+BONUS journal idea in video above!

What are some journal ideas you do?

"Knowledge carefully recorded is knowledge available in time of need. Spiritually sensitive information should be kept in a sacred place the communicates to the Lord how you treasure it. That practice enhances the likelihood of your receiving further light." // Richard G. Scott

All journals are available under the 'products' tab.

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