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I would feel so guilty if I did not post this extreme gratitude I have for My Father in Heaven. For the Book of Mormon. For how I feel this exact second. To remind and to share that this is real. He is real. What we are a part of is real! And it is so great. Today I finished reading the Book of Mormon for the 5th time just this year. But before even finishing, I was completely consumed with this overfilling love & gratitude. I was completely overcome with the spirit. Spiritually, yes. But also, and more noteworthy, it is even a physical thing. Real.

I feel unstoppable. Nothing else matters. No trial. No 'inadequacies'. Shortcomings. Frustration. It is completely swallowed up in this Love that I physically feel between My father in Heaven, and myself. And the only thing that matters is exactly that. Love. A real love. A personal & individual love, that is incredibly real, coming directly from God. Coming from Christ.

The past several days there has been a handful coming to me flustered by their desires not matching up with their efforts. Trying but not overcoming. Temptation. Busyness. How quick we are to get discouraged. Distracted.

How is it that we lose sight of that so easily? That personal love directly from God. A truth so powerful & motivating that causes us to literally overcome and conquer all. To overcome the world, in fact.

I don't have a specific answer for you. Lots of reasons. Different per person. But this much I do know, life is hard. I hope you do not get the wrong impression of me. I am no different then you. Fifth time this year, simply because that is what I need. I take the Book of Mormon with me everywhere I go because I rely on it every day. That is where strength comes from. I cannot do it without it. I cannot do it without Him.

Lucky for us we don't ever have to. If we but take advantage of what we have been given. Forget not whose hands we are in. Hold on. Even if it seems at times it is by your fingertips as someone is pulling you the other way by your ankles. Hold on tightly to that what you do know, even if it seems like it is not much.

Refocus. Prioritize. Hold on. Strengthen. Overcome. Conquer. Forget not what matters most. Forget not that this is real. Forget not that He is Real. That He loves. Individually. Personally. Forget not, that you can feel that. Even, and especially with those things that we struggle with. Your prayers have been heard. In His strength you can do all things. (Alma 26:12) And I am incredibly grateful for that. I am incredibly grateful for the power that comes from Reading the Book of Mormon. Profoundly grateful to feel that love Heavenly Father has for me. Speechlessly grateful to know that He wants us back. All of us. And He will not do anything to prevent that from happening. He is there. Helping. Always. Refocus. God first. Strengthen. Conquer.

God is for us, so it doesn't matter who is against us

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