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I'm Not Judging, But...

Fart noise towards anyone who thinks its ok to start a debate on my pages about my life. Just be nice and be respectful to everyone.

I’ll be the first to tell you I am far from perfect; in fact, I feel I am really open about my faults and my challenges to everyone. There is so much more that I could be doing and I’m not. And the things that I am doing I could be doing much better at, I do, I know that. Every day I’m reminded of that. But what it is that you need to know is that if you just try, that’s it, just try, you will find yourself in places you never would have dreamed of, doing things you never would have thought of, becoming better. Becoming the person Heavenly Father has wanted you to become all along. And what a feeling that is!

I never sought after the life I lead now. I never sought after blogging and I never sought after speaking or being in any “spotlight.” But I did seek after service and I did seek after helping people know of the joy of the gospel and the love from our God. To be honest, after living 21 years of my life without the gospel, it makes me sick to my stomach knowing there are so many others living without it or not understanding or taking advantage of it. A simple prayer of, “Lord, what can I do to help?” has led me with these humbling opportunities in my life.

I don’t blog because I am strong. It is the opposite actually. I blog because I am weak. Because I rely on Him so deeply. Strong? No. Driven and faithful? Absolutely.

I don't blog so people will know me. I blog so people will want to know God and know with confidence that God knows them. I blog and speak so people will know they are not alone. To know that they are good enough, they can do this, and they are so loved. I don’t make a single cent from speaking, I do it simply because the gospel is real and it has forever changed me. I am happy because of it and I want others to feel what I feel. I blog and speak because I truly do care and I promised Him that I'd help.

but it's not about me. Nor will it ever be.

It's about you. It's about God. It's about overcoming, becoming better and being happy. It’s about returning. What an extraordinary journey we're on!

I just don't understand why it’s so hard to be respectful to people on social media (and in general). I don’t know why it’s so hard to notice and praise people’s efforts, even if those efforts seem small to you. Why are we so quick to point out their wrong doings and even quicker to comment about it publicly on their pages? Why are we so slow to help, uplift, and build up?

Saying "I'm not judging, but..." IS judging and is SO hurtful and destructive to even the "strongest" of people. Never will there be a single reason that justifies negative towards anyone, especially those you don't know, even if you are “ just saying." Please, think before commenting, and if this is something you struggle with, please help by not commenting at all. The adversary is on all of us enough as it is, let’s not add any more weight to someone’s day and self worth.

Because truly, the most important thing is that we are trying, especially if we aren’t there yet. Even if there is so much more you can be doing. Because no matter how small of steps you are taking to understand more, do better, and be more are the most important steps you can be taking and they do not go unnoticed by your Father in Heaven.

An older woman at church last Sunday said, "If you've never been offended by someone at church then you don't go often enough." Haha

No matter who you are, no matter what you look like, no matter your calling, your house, your wardrobe, the number of followers you have, the quality of your photos, your salary, there will always be someone there to knock ya down several pegs. Don’t take it personal and please do not listen. It is happening to every single one of us. So chin up! Look to God and live! (Alma 37:47).

Because how incredibly sad it will be if we don't make it back to Him, and how devastating it would be if it was because of an untrue jab from someone who wasn’t thinking.

Keep trying. Keep doing good. Keep going for you. Keep going for God. Keep going because the gospel is real. Because God is real. What we do matters and the rest of forever depends on how we react and live. Life really is an incredible journey and we only get to do this mortal thing once. Stay focus on what truly matters. Don’t waste it on dwelling and believing the bad. Don’t let it get you down. Don’t let negative comments and remarks, even if they are from members of the church, slow you down. Look for the good and delete the bad.

Because the reality is God's love and mercy is real! It's as real as your heart beating right now. It's alive. It's physical. And if God is for us, it truly doesn’t matter who is against us. Take a deep breath and smile because guess what?

You're beautiful, doing an incredible job and you're so loved!

Give every day the chance to become the most beautiful day of your life. // Mark Twain

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