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I Hope You Feel Empowered

I hope you feel empowered with exactly who you are. Because with God, you have ALL the power. Absolutely never forget who you are & Whose you are. Absolutely never forget that you have divinity inside of you. Your God, a perfect creator who crafted worlds without number felt the need to create & perfectly craft YOU. Needed. Wanted. Essential. Our perfect creator created you perfectly. That is the reality. That is power.

You have a God— who is yours, who never leaves you. A God who has all the power in existence on your side to help you succeed & become better and to conquer the freaking world And if having an all knowing, all powerful God on your side, giving you the ability to overcome the world is not empowering, then I don’t know what is.

I create. I write. I speak. I progress. I grow. I conquer. I win. I surprise. And I make things happen b/c I have never been told that I couldn’t, mostly by myself and most definitely not by my God. Let’s not let anyone stand in our way ‘cuz if we aren’t doing the things that make us happy, we are missing the point. We really can make things happen exactly as we are. Because it is passion that overrides any lack of skill we may think we have, or lack of gender you weren’t born as, or whatever. Because it is God that overrides the “impossible.” We are His & that is everything.

xox AL

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