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Judging is NOT an LDS Thing

I just released a new video this past week called LOVE EVERYONE, that talks about how everyone is welcome to partake of the love and blessings of Christ and this gospel. And that it’s never ok to teach hate. It is never ok to belittle and judge without even a glimmer of chance or fellowship shown. It’s never ok to turn someone away. Everyone is welcome and invited to partake of forgiveness, of salvation, of change, of real happiness, of the indescribable feeling of Christ’s love, of His atonement and His chance at a better life. This is my favorite video I’ve done of my favorite message. And the response has been amazing.

But as I was reading comments on my Instagram in response to how “judgmental people are in our church,” it compelled me to write, as I’m certain most people don’t know this:

Judgement is NOT an LDS thing. High expectations are NOT an LDS thing. Broken standards are NOT an LDS thing. It is not exclusive to our, or any, religion.

And if I have learned anything from living on the east coast as a non-member for 21 years, it’s exactly that: hate, hurt, judgements, standards, offense and expectations, are most definitely NOT an LDS thing, it’s a HUMAN thing.

And if I have learned anything from spending a year at work dedicated to researching other religions for a project, it’s this: It lives everywhere.

If we think most parents do not ever get disappointed for their child not living up to their expectations doesn’t happen anywhere else— If we think body shaming from dressing differently doesn’t happen in any other religion— If we think broken expectations doesn’t happen within families, or the workplace, or from mentors, doesn’t happen anywhere else— If we think broken hearts and broken families from choosing a different path doesn’t happen anywhere else— If we think people saying they will do one thing, then live another, doesn’t happen anywhere else— then perhaps we have bigger problems.

I know how hurtful it can be as an LDS, however, because we expect more from our members because we “know” they have been taught differently. I know it can hurt more as members when we are supposed to be in this together. But our offense is improperly directed.

Our stumbling block is we assume. We assume others feel what we feel, and we assume our opinion is always correct and justified. And we assume everyone has been taught what we have been taught and that everyone knows what we know. But if we don’t think this isn’t hurtful to anyone else, especially when coming from family or their community— then perhaps we have bigger problems.

Reality is, it’s hurtful no matter who we are, where we are, or what we may belong to. Because that, too, is a human thing. And the reality is, no matter age, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, location; we really are all in this together! The profound fact that we really are brothers and sisters has no bounds.

So, before we take our hurt feelings from others & turn them into pointed fingers & inaccurate conclusions— before we take false accusations from others and let them stop us from doing what we should— before we improperly direct our offense‚ before we take our broken hearts and loneliness and blame God and blame His Church—let’s take a step back.

Let’s remember that no ‘worldly’ experience can take away from the incredible power of love. That no action from ‘man’ can take away from the incredible power, and reality, of God. That no hurtful comment or untrue jab from someone else can take away from the reality and importance of His command for us to forgive all and keep going. No broken standard, or sin, or different path, can take away from the unchanging truth that we.are.ALL.God’s. & He never leaves us.

LET GO of any hurt or weight caused by someone who is OH SO HUMAN. Because NOTHING is worth giving up our forever happiness. Absolutely nothing is worth turning away from the most powerful being to ever exist.

Because we are all oh so human, and we are all in this together!

xox AL

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