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When God Doesn’t Listen

If we aren’t seeing what we are asking for, we feel God is not listening.

If we ware’t getting what we are pleading for, we say God is not there.

But God is NOT only good when we get what we want and miracles are NOT defined as avoidance & prevention.

If Christ would have prevented Lazarus from dying—mass conversion would have never happened.

If Old Testament Joseph never went into a hole, to salvery, to prison—he never would have saved an entire civilization & become a leader.

If Lehi never suffered in the wilderness—there would have destruction, death and no promised land

If Christ was never killed—we would not have….sheesh, what a long list!

If I never went through everything I have gone through, I wouldn’t have a single thing I have now.

Surely, avoidance & prevention is not the miracle.

Surely, God is good even if our situation is not

Through it all, He is not overlooking—ignoring —punishing, but in fact, He is working hard with every little detail to be sure it is even better than what we have in mind.

All of it part of the plan to begin with, needed and necessary and perfectly crafted for, at every stage- and in every season -and in every even worse moment

leading us to a GREATER MAGNIFICATION through it all!


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