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God Doesn't Always Tell Us What Is Right

God doesn’t always tell us what is right.

Annoying, right?

How difficult it is sometimes to move forward with decision making because of this.

Especially when you want so badly just to follow His will for you, but you aren’t exactly sure what His will is. Although we can receive from God all the time very specific answers that are very clear, there are also times when we just can’t figure it out.

How can we discern between our thoughts from the spirit?

We are told that all good things come from God, and if it’s good then we are to go for it. But what if it just seems good to you but it’s not good in His eyes? But what if there’s more than 1 good option to choose from? What then?

How can we know what is best rather than what one is just good.

And I don’t about you, but knowing that there is sometimes more than 1 best thing to choose from doesn’t always give me comfort, but more anxiety moving forward. (Is your head spinning yet just thinking about all this? Mine is).

I know I don’t want something if God doesn’t want it for me—yet, how many prayers I’ve spent asking Heavenly Father to just tell me what He wants me to do so I can do it and still feel like I’m going in circles. Do you know how much time I’ve spent wasting and waiting and worrying, feeling stuck because I felt like I couldn’t understand a clear answer with what to do? And the more time I spent thinking about one decision over the other— battling with thoughts and fears and blessings on each choice—the more confused I became and the harder it got.

God doesn’t always tell us what is right.

But it is a promise to us from Him that He will always tell us what is not right. (If we follow and listen is a different story)

This is my secret weapon to decision making:

Instead of going in circles of what to decide and causing stress and anxiety and passing time, I just pick. I just pick something and move forward with it. Then, pray and tell Him what you decided. Tell Him if it’s wrong to stop you. That’s it.

Too simple? Maybe. But it works.every.time.

D&C 9:8 is a legit promise that real life works. “You must study it out in your mind; then you must ask me if it be right, and if it is right I will cause that your bosom shall burn within you; therefore, you shall feel that it is right. But if it be not right you shall have no such feelings.”

If we move forward with something that is not right, we are promised He will tell us. And How? Several ways— lack of comfort and peace. Negative feelings, (remember, everything good thing comes from God, even feelings). Opportunities will not appear. Doors close. Nothing seems to fall in to place. (*Note: Opposition can come with things that are right, but to differentiate, peace & comfort can always be felt even during trials in those right times).

Just recently while still living in Arizona I got offered a new job back in Utah. It was an incredible opportunity in too many ways where it would be incredibly silly to turn down. But I didn’t want it. I wanted to stay in Arizona. But I needed to decide and decide quickly to let them know. I didn’t have time to ask Heavenly Father what I should do and risk it being a situation where my thoughts are confusing and blurred with the spirit. So I just picked. I chose to decline the job. I told Heavenly Father that’s what I decided and if it’s wrong, please stop me. And stop me before 9 am tomorrow morning when I’d send my email declining the offer.

I woke up at 5 am and I couldn’t go back to sleep for the life of me. My mind was racing. I was completely overwhelmed knowing that I did need to take that job and that it was right. So here we are.

(Or that one time we decided to buy a house. We felt good enough about it to move forward with finding a realtor and seeing several houses, but then nothing felt right. We couldn’t find a house that we liked. Things slowed down. Doors started closing. No progress was made regardless of our good intentions and efforts. Only to find ourselves on our most exciting and favorite adventure in a completely different state a month and a half later that was right and guided in too many ways to count).

Regardless of the situation, prayer is crucial. That’s the most important step. It’s mandatory to following His will for you. Because it’s not just about picking what we want to do and asking for His help with it. It’s about doing what He asks of us and receiving those blessings and help and comfort to follow through. This is just a quicker way to pass the confusion and keep moving forward on the path that He has for us that leads to the greater things in life. Because we have to act and keep moving so there is something for God to help us with.

His promises are a reality, not just wishful thinking. To experiment with and act and do, not just think about to bring us comfort. Alma 56:46 says, “Behold, our God is with us, and He will not suffer that we should fall. Then let us go forth!” And I want to echo that. Go forth! Fear not. Embrace the unexpected knowing who is guiding you. You are in the best hands.

Forget not that YOU have a God. You have a God and He is yours! Yours to keep. Yours to turn to, always. A God whose sole purpose is to help you succeed. Forget not that you have a God, never does He leave you. But is always there to guide, direct, to warn, and to give you the best ever created. Not just in the eternities, but here—daily, in mortality.

This is real. Heavenly Father is real. He’s as real as your heart

And this exact second, God is mindful of you.

And the second after that.

And all the seconds after that.

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