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Something I Really Want You to Know!


That's one of my favorite things about the gospel— is doing things you never thought you could do! And progressing into someone better than you thought you ever could be.

Today is my 1-year anniversary of my book and it's the perfect example of stretching yourself to accomplish the crazy and incredible.

It became a religion’s best-seller before it was even officially released, and still continues to sell out and be reprinted and have sold out signings.

Day 1 to day 365 people still continue to come and sometimes wait in 3-4 hr long lines to say hi!

Thank you for supporting this book. Thank you for sharing with others the message of just how great our God is. Thank you for sharing the gospel. Thank you for opening up. For sharing your testimony. For sharing your challenges. Your weaknesses. Your passions. Your compassion and love and understanding and differences.

Thank you for reading. Every page I wrote was very blunt and transparent, details to my hardest trials and feelings of doubt, confusion, fatigue, anger, wonder, trials, loneliness, triumph, growth, miracles, laced with important truths to get through them—knowing that everyone has felt that way and we shouldn’t be ashamed, and we’ve been able to strengthen each other because of it! How cool it is we have each other! How cool it is that we can have comfort and happiness in the darkest and most confusing of times! How cool it is that we come out better and blessed. How cool it is to experience first-hand that God is real. That He’s on our side. And He leads us to the greatest things in life.

Even with tiring long lines I’ve found great passion making sure to look everyone in the eye and ask them how they were and try to get them to laugh. It's important to me that you know I truly think the world of all of you and I care! Because none of this is about me. It never has been. (not even my book is about me).

It's about connecting with each other and laughing a lot and following God. It’s about letting others know they aren’t alone in their feelings of fatigue and wonder and doubt and anger and trials. And it’s about helping each other home.

I have been in this perfect position to see every day just how personal and individual Heavenly Father truly is with every one of His children. My testimony is stronger because of you. I have laughed and hugged and talked and shed tears with so many strangers every day. I have embraced and grown and strengthened from your experiences and emails and spirit you’ve shared with me. Thank you! Thank you for helping me and loving me in ways you probably will never recognize. Thank you for being perfectly you.

So, here’s to another year! Another year for all of us! Another year of new adventures! A new year of doing scary but exciting things! A year of saying ‘yes’ to our promptings and allowing ourselves to have God shows us how great He truly is. A year of embracing the unexpected, knowing who is guiding you. Know that your prayers have been heard. But greater are the things He has in store for personally and individually you.

Knowing that God is real and the Gospel is true means that life will never be the same. Always better though.

We may not have all the answers we want about our future, but we know enough. We are led by an all-powerful, all loving God. Why stop when we can keep going?

Today, with God, we have the power to do anything. What will we choose to do with our time? I hope you choose the big and scary and exciting things!

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