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How 'All is Well' Can Be True DURING Trials

I went to bed a few Saturday’s ago trying to think of an excuse so I wouldn’t have to go to church the next day. I don’t know why, either. I just didn’t wanna go, ya know?

Ever get like that? Where you know it’s important to pray and to read, but it doesn’t take away from feeling that you just…don’t want to. I told that to God as I fell asleep.

It was just Gracie and I at church the following day, (Christian had a cold), and I woke up surprisingly anxious to take the sacrament. Gracie and I held hands the whole time. There were 2 convert confirmations and a musical number, yepp, even on a fast and testimony.

This woman sang, “all is well,” and it got me thinking:

‘All is well,’ I don’t think is referring to times where everything is going smoothly and free from trials. Perhaps it is referring to times where our soul is content and we feel at peace even among our struggles. Because despite my shortcomings I was SO aware of and dealing with even that exact morning, I felt that all was actually well, because I felt that God was there with me and loving me and helping me and forgiving me.

And I think that’s what I love most about the gospel. Not that it prevents us from the blows of life, but that we can feel peace and contentment and love right in the middle of it. Regardless of my shortcomings, I felt the spirit so strongly and I was so grateful I pushed myself to do what I needed to do most and exercise my power over the adversary.

I know we have these phases sometimes where we really have to push ourselves to keep going even when we don’t really want to, but what I know most of all is that we are blessed by our efforts of TRYING. And love & help & a chance to change & be forgiven can only come by turning to Him. But OH WHAT A FEELING it is when we see these phases through and realize that the best things can only come from sticking with God at all times and in all things. God will NEVER give up on us- so we shouldn’t give up on him.


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