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Our MOST Bitter Pain & Anguish of Soul

For 3 ENTIRE DAYS & 3 entire nights – nonstop – he was in the MOST BITTER pain. Torment. No breaks. No let-ups. Just paralyzing anguish that kept him crying to God. Completely consuming that whole time.

But then…

Copenhagen, Denmark

after the longest passing time of immobilizing struggle, he found peace to his soul.

And so sometimes we feel like things are THE MOST consuming & THE WORST anguish– and we agonize over the passing time with no breaks or let ups– and we have to make the decision to plow through crying to God– or we accept & give up.

I think of Adam and Eve in the garden – the adversary got them to hide from the only ones that could help them- Heavenly Father & Christ.

So anything that is trying to stop us from trying, to turn around, to give up, to stop crying unto Him– anything to pull us away from God– is clear who it is coming from.

But like the 3 long days and nights in Alma 38,

or the 344 days in Ether 6, or perhaps for you even longer–

but as we continue to turn & cry to Christ, He will send angels like He did Alma, and He will send light like He did in Ether, and we will find peace & forgiveness & strength & change & rest & a new start. Because really, like Alma said, ‘there is no other way.’

You are loved. You are noticed. You are blessed every day.

And everlasting struggle just isn’t in God’s cards. We WILL find peace to our soul.

xoxAL 🙂

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